OWX Reflection

The 2017 online writing exchange was really fun and helped me become a better writer. I liked how we got feedback right away instead like getting it the next day so I don’t forget the ideas I have to put in my story. I liked how we all met face to face so we can get advice from you about how to make our stories better.

Trip to Silver Dollar City

Trip to Silver Dollar City It was Summer and I was at a camp. Everyone at the camp was packed up and was excited to go to Silver Dollar City. This was my first time going to this camp, and I was already going on a big trip. I was nervous, but excited at the same time because I didn’t know most of the people here. My hands were shaking really fast and I wasn’t talking. We made groups for when we get there and my group was with my grade level and with an adult. When the bus arrived at the camp, everyone raced to the bus. I sat with my group towards the middle of the bus. I’ve never heard about Silver Dollar City, but I was excited to find out. Everyone was talking about our trip there. When we got there, everyone was jumping out of their seats. I couldn’t believe my eyes it the rides were so big. Silver Dollar City was an amusement park. There were gigantic roller-coasters and little ones for the kids. When we got off and the adults got bracelets for their groups so we can ride the roll…

Coach B

Mr. Burtwhistle Mr. Burtwhistle is my junior high football coach. Our season just ended and our last game was with Wagner. Mr. Burtwistle helped us get better during our season. Mr. Burtwhistle inspires us to get better. He tells us to do the little things right and tells us inspirational speeches. He always tells us to make eye contact. Mr. Burtwhistle is as tall as a tree. He doesn’t have any hair. He has dark, black glasses. Mr. Burtwhistle wears Eagle clothing to school. He wears a whistle around his neck for every practice. He wears perfect fit pants. Mr. Burtwistle is really nice he takes time off practice to inspire us. He is really inspirational. He tells us the winner or loser speech. Mr. Burtwhistle tells us how to become a winner and tell us to do the little things right if we want to achieve the big things. One day the team got done doing stretches and Mr. Burtwhitle said he wants to give us a speech. He said it was an inspirational speech, so we all sat together in a circle.…